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Peter Andreyevich Arshinov (Marin, Пётр Андреевич Аршинов in Russian) (born 1887 - died circa 1937) was a metal worker from Ukraine who in 1904, joined the Bolshevik Party and became an anarchist after the 1905-06 revolution. He was later imprisoned, yet he escaped to France.

In 1909, Arshinov returned to Russia and was caught smuggling arms from Austria. He was imprisoned in Moscow, where he met Nestor Makhno. Both men were released in 1917, and in 1919, Arshinov joined Makhno and became involved in cultural and educational work in the area controlled by the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine. He was also the leader of "Nabat" (Confederation of the Anarchist Organizations of Ukraine). In 1921, Arshinov emigrated from the country, in which time he would participate in the group Dielo Truda with Nestor Makhno. He later would return to the USSR in 1935. Arshinov was executed in or around 1937.


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